Debunking 5 Myths That Make You Fear Lawyers

Lawyers are in a very demanding line of work and this can explain why they consistently get a bad rap from the public. Up to date, no one can really understand why lawyers are demonized throughout the universe. Every now and then, people continue to formulate myths that try to justify their hatred. In this piece, we’ll try t debunk some of the common myths that make you fear lawyers. Most of these myths are passed by word of mouth but have had such a great impact on the masses. There is a list of five of the most common myths.


a)      All lawyers are sharks

This is true to some extent considering the competitive nature of their business. It is natural for lawyers to get involved in heated debates because the nature of their jobs requires so. However, a considerable number of lawyers normally take this to a whole new level. They willingly manipulate circumstances to favour them and make them appear as they would like. This represents a small group of lawyer and should not be assumed to cut across all lawyers. There are those who abide by the ethical standards as required from them.

b)      Lawyers are overpaid

Truth be told, in most cases, lawyers are actually underpaid. When you consider the kind of services they do you can understand why. Before a case is heard in the court room, there is usually a lot that goes behind the scenes. Preparing legal documentations can be very tedious and it consumes a lot of time to review the same to ensure that everything is taken into consideration and that nothing is missed. The kind of work they put to prepare a case deserves more than the amount they earn.


c)       Lawyers draw out cases

Lawyers cannot be blamed for this. It is an entirely person to person arrangement. This type of behaviour is experience in almost every other industry; employees do it and even your mechanic does it. In most cases this is not done out of malice, it is simply done because some of the cases tend to be very complex in nature hence requiring them to jump through many legal hoops.

d)      Great lawyers tend to be loud and boisterous  

Contrary to the allegation, most of the so called ”magic” that lawyers are known to perform call for hours of nothing but intense study. We get this falsified boisterous nature of lawyers from the news and some of the movies we see which paint the image of a lawyer as someone who is characterised by banging their fists and committing contempt to get what they want. This is not often the case as most lawyer work in quiet offices just like any other person.

e)      Lawyers hate each other

Competition demands that at one point or another, lawyers will have to face one another in a court room. In such a case, there is bound to be a winner and a looser. Losers may end up loosing client something which if continues may lead to hatred. Lawyers understand the nature of their business hence have learnt never to burn their bridges.